Why Use Intimate Hemp Products?

You've had a long day at the end of an even longer week and you're ready to relax. It's time to unwind, have a drink, and spend time with your partner. It's dark out now and the social foreplay is over. You've gotten back from dinner, from the bar, from the party and you're both going to the bedroom.

Just before everything gets started, you pull out your After Dark Essentials Hemp product, and your partner looks over, curious and uncertain.

  "What is that?" they ask sincerely.

You tell them what it is, you tell them the After Dark brand, and you tell them its infused with Hemp. Then the question finally surfaces:

"Why use intimate Hemp products?

It's a common question being asked in bedrooms all around the world. What even is Hemp and how does it work? What purpose does it serve? How does this enhance our intimate experience?

  Let's start with the first and simplest question: what is Hemp? Hemp is an abbreviation for 'cannabidiol,' a compound found in the plant cannabis sativa. The most popular understanding of the compound is 'the effects of THC without the high.' So what does that mean? While many cannabis users around the country enjoy both the physical and psychoactive effects from the components of cannabis, many other users are seeking for alternative ways to relieve their anxieties, pains, and stressors without the mental effects.

Hemp is a revolutionary compound that has grabbed significant media attention in user claims of its effectiveness. In terms of medical application, there are innumerable articles, videos, and podcasts that have self-acclaimed boasts of how Hemp has improved their lives.

Now, while many users have found Hemp oil effective in managing their daily lives, why should we use this compound in our private lives?

There are several reasons why Hemp oil aids in sex.

First, Hemp reduces pain. In terms of sexual intercourse, lovers engaged in penetration can find that the oil, when applied to the areas penetrated, significantly reduces and often times eliminates pain in those areas. So, for participants who have experienced discomfort and pain in the beginning stages of sexual intercourse, the oils allow for total pain alleviation.

 It's beyond simply numbing the area. While countless other products offer temporary numbing to these areas to alleviate pain, the user is often completely desensitized and, for the duration of the intercourse, now feels little to no sensation at all. Hemp doesn't simply numb the area thus allowing for no stimulation, but instead allows for the body to still experience senses of arousal and stimulation without the initial pain. It's simply a miracle oil.

In addition to eliminating pain while still allowing participants to enjoy their sexual experience, After Dark Essentials Hemp products have been shown to elevate and improve sensation. Due to Hemp's effectiveness in increasing blood flow, participants have stated that their level of sensation during sex is significantly heightened. To put it simply, we're talking about better feeling sex.

 Who can even put a number on how many other products claim to offer better sex? But the difference between After Dark Essentials and the other guys is that Hemp oil is totally non-toxic. Instead of worrying about where these products are coming from, and what chemicals are in them, After Dark Essentials Hemp products are completely natural and non-toxic. So, your sexual experience can end with your total peace of mind.

 Additional benefits of Hemp oil include aiding in Erectile Dysfunction. Going back to Hemp's ability to increase blood flow, it has been reported by users that After Dark Essential Hemp products have aided in their erectile dysfunction. This is not only due to Hemp's aid in blood flow, but studies have shown that Hemp flushes out dioxin, an internally made compound that is attributed to cause ED.

 For lovers that are having difficulty in getting their intimacy started in the bedroom, but are wary of using pharmaceutical drugs in aiding performance, After Dark Essentials Hemp products are a perfect option. No need for a doctor's visit, no need to worry about what other chemicals might be in those pills, and no need to worry about the integrity of the product; After Dark Essentials Hemp product line is perfect for keeping you going.

 Lastly, Hemp oil has been shown to reduce anxiety. While Hemp oil is used to treat daily anxieties that we face going through life, Hemp oil also aids lovers who may be feeling self-conscious or nervous about engaging in sexual intercourse. Is there something else on your mind? Are you focusing too much on a blemish? Is there an unknown nervousness that is preventing you from getting intimate with your partner? It happens to all of us, and After Dark Essentials Hemp products are meant to help you overcome those anxieties. Now you can finally stop letting stress get in-between you and your partner.

So now we're back in the bedroom and you've told your partner about all the benefits. You've told them about pain relief, sensation enhancement, anxiety relief, and aid in erectile dysfunction, but they still have a discerning look on their face. They're not sure. They're curious. So you tell them there's only one way to find out, and it's to try it out for themselves. We just hope they like it as much as you do.