Personal lubricants have come out of the closet and into the bedroom.

Feel more, get into tighter places, try new things and have more fun 

Let’s face it; good sex is magical. And just when you think it’s hard to improve on a good thing, think again.  Unleashed inhibitions and an excellent personal lubricant are all it takes for an enchanting night of slippery fun! 

Quite simply, lube reduces friction and rubbing, letting you focus on more pleasurable sensations.

Personal lubricants?  Isn’t my vagina wet enough? 

Perhaps. But perhaps not.  1 out of 6 women aged 18-50 experience vaginal dryness during sex, and that figure increases to 1 out of 2 women after menopause. A dry vagina can be due to natural issues, medications, stress, as well as attempting penetration before you are truly warmed up and producing natural lubrication. 

Dryness increases friction, which can cause sex to be painful and, well, anticlimactic. Your partner can also experience uncomfortable friction down there. But Abracadabra!  A good quality personal lube lubricates and moisturizes vaginal dryness, helping you both dip and slip to a magical climax. 

Overcoming a tight squeeze

Speaking of lacking natural lubrication, women and men alike who enjoy anal sex know there is no natural source of lubrication back there. So to enjoy a little rear action, a personal lubricant is a must for a pleasurable experience all-around. 

Heightened Sensations

Dryness, however, isn’t the only reason to use a good lube.  Many people simply prefer the heightened sensations that come with using personal lubricants. Think about getting a massage without massage oil.  Now think about how much better it feels with lubricating lotions. Same for your private parts!

Taking care of yourself

Most men use lube for masturbation. It simply feels better. If you’re giving a hand-job to a man, using lube will get him off with more natural sensations that closely simulate penetration.

For many women, masturbating is also luxurious and fulfilling and helps you discover what you like. Using lube to experiment with fingers and toys is a great way to switch things up a little and experiment with new sensations in a private and safe environment.  Some could become new personal favorites!

Sex Toys

Using sex toys both on your own and with a partner is also famous for spicing your sex life. Just remember that whenever inserting anything into your body, it’s recommended to warm it up and lubricate first.

Today, personal lubricants have come out of the closet and into the bedroom. So, put aside any stigma you’ve had about using lube.  A good quality lube can open up new adventures, new options, and enhance your sexual experiences with heightened sensations and more creative play. After Dark Essentials offers a premium line of personal lubricants infused with the added wellness of Hemp to conjure up the sensuality within you.  Stay tuned for our next blog, where we’ll discuss different types of personal lubricants. If you can hold out that long!