Hemp; The Science Behind Natural Pleasure and Relief

There’s a lot of wild claims about Hemp right now. If you didn’t know any better, you might think it’s some kind of modern hippie snake oil. Thankfully there is an array of research available that helps support the many benefits of Hemp. 

You’re here because you want a better sex life, and we’re here to show you how to get there. Hemp has shown great promise with increasing sensation and arousal, relieving inflammation, and in helping manage pain. All of these things can lead you to a more fulfilling and satisfying sex life. 

Sensation and Arousal

When it comes to sex who wouldn’t want to feel more? And even more so, who wouldn’t want to feel more often? Hemp comes into foreplay by helping increase our sensitivity to touch, while simultaneously increasing libido and arousal. This may sound too good to be true, but there’s promising research that is helping shed some light on Hemp as a natural sexual wellness product. 

A study in the National Academies of Sciences showed that cannabis topicals such as our lubricants, creams, and numbing sprays are absorbed through both your skin and mucous membranes (including the vagina). This means that by choosing a topical-applied product, you allow for your happy parts to get the blissful relief of cannabis right where you need them.

A study from The American Society for Clinical Investigation showed that cannabinoids like Hemp helps increase blood flow, nerve sensation, and also helps reduce blood pressure. By allowing a larger volume of blood flow, we get a more intense sensation in all of the right places. 


A study from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine found that cannabinoids have a role in the regulation of sensory events, thus helping us feel more of what we want to while also helping us feel less of what we don’t.

Cannabinoid lipids, whether of endogenous or exogenous origin, are capable of regulating numerous sensory, homeostatic, and inflammatory events. Although many of these effects are mediated by metabotropic cannabinoid receptors, a growing body of evidence has revealed that multiple members of the transient receptor potential (TRP) ion channel family can act as “ionotropic cannabinoid receptors.” 


A study from the National Institute of Mental Health found that Hemp helps activate the parts of our brain that control sexual arousal. It’s no wonder that people who use cannabis based products have sex more often, according to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.


One leading cause in low libido, and therefore arousal, is anxiety and depression. A study in the New York University School of Medicine found that “...that existing preclinical evidence strongly supports Hemp as a treatment for generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, obsessive–compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder when administered acutely.” Another study from the Institute of Psychiatry - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro found that Hemp showed promise in treating depression. Hemp can help you tackle the core of the problem, and get you in the right mood more often. 


To tie this all together, Remedy Review ran a study with 5,398 Americans of which 9.3% (502) had used Hemp-infused sex products. Of those respondents, 72% of the male population and 76% of the female population experienced stronger, more intense orgasms. The increased sensitivity to touch, combined with stronger arousal leads to the type of sex you won’t soon forget. 

Pain and Inflammation

According to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, 3 out of 4 women experience painful intercourse at some point in their lives. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, and is something that is common with sexually active people. 


Whenever our bodies experience a tissue injury, immune cells rush to the area of injury to help control it and get rid of any potential irritant. That becomes an issue when those immune cells recruit other fellow immune cells by creating and releasing pro-inflammatory cytokines. This process is repeated and can worsen inflammation. When Hemp binds to our CB2 receptors, they stimulate an anti-inflammatory protein called caspase. By alleviating the inflammation we are experiencing, Hemp helps, in turn, reduce pain and discomfort. 


A study from the University of South Carolina found that “Cannabinoids suppress inflammatory response and subsequently attenuate disease symptoms. This property of cannabinoids is mediated through multiple pathways such as induction of apoptosis in activated immune cells, suppression of cytokines and chemokines at inflammatory sites and upregulation of FoxP3+ regulatory T cells.” 


In a 2008 study, researchers came to the conclusion that was effective in overall pain management without adverse side effects. That means that you can get the relief your seeking, without putting yourself at risk for potentially harmful side effects. 


Furthermore, according to a report from the World Health Organization, “Hemp exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential… To date, there is no evidence of public health related problems associated with the use of pure Hemp.” Another study published in the Oxford University Press cannabis is a safer alternative to aspirin. 


Hemp is a natural way to reduce pain and fight inflammation, both of which can lead to an enhanced sexual experience. 


Hemp shows great promise as a natural form of relief and as a pleasure enhancement tool. There are a number of studies that show Hemp to help increase sensitivity to touch and arousal, and even increase overall libido. It can also help make sex a more comfortable experience by acting as an anti-inflammatory agent while subsequently decreasing pain. 

It’s our mission to help with your unique sexual needs in a better way. That’s we’ve created a comprehensive line of Hemp-infused sexual wellness products, to give you naturally enhanced intimacy.