8 Ways Hemp Can Make Your Sex Life Better

From increasing orgasm intensity to reducing performance anxiety, Hemp has shown promise in helping improve our sex lives in a natural and holistic way. We aren’t just telling you this because we have the most comprehensive line of Hemp-infused sexual wellness products available nation-wide, but instead because we want you to have the best sex life you can. You deserve it, your partner deserves it, and we’ll show you how.

1.) More Pleasure

Hemp has shown great promise in reducing anxiety, which helps it reduce performance anxiety for people engaging in sexual activities, thus allowing for a better sexual experience from start to finish. Aside from it helping with performance anxiety, it’s also shown promise in helping activate the parts of our brains that control sexual activity, which helps us engage in a stronger sexual interaction. However, the key to Hemp’s ability to help encourage pleasure may be its ability to help increase sensation to touch.

2.) Increased Endurance

No one likes coming too early to the party. Part of what causes premature ejaculation is depression and anxiety, both things that Hemp has shown promise in treating. Remedy Review ran a study amongst 502 individuals who had used Hemp-infused sex products, and of those 502 individuals, 31% of men reported that they last longer, with a 72% more intense orgasm.

3.) Climax Sooner

Equally as important as men staying longer, are women arriving sooner. In a study from Indiana University and Chapman University, of the female respondents, only 68% reported climaxing consistently with their partners. We don’t like those odds.. It’s our aim to increase your sexual health by elevating your sexual experiences through the highest quality Hemp-infused sexual wellness products. From that same Remedy Review study, 33% of women who used Hemp sex products reached orgasm sooner, with 76% reporting a more intense orgasm.

4.) Higher Sex Drive

There are a number of causes of low libido, however, two of the main triggers for lower libido are depression and anxiety. We might feel anxious about performance, down on ourselves for any number of reasons, or even too high-strung to get in the mood. In a study from the Journal of Sexual Medicine (JSM), 62% of its female respondents reported having an increased libido when incorporating cannabis into their sex life. In another study published in the JSM, 50% of its male respondents reported having an increase in sexual desire.

5.) Feel More (and Less)

With something as good as sex, you always want to feel more. Hemp is your best friend when it comes to feeling more and having a quality sex life. Hemp has shown promise in increasing sensation, which allows us to feel more of the good stuff, and with Hemp’s ability to help reduce inflammation, less of the bad stuff.

6.) Relieve Pain

For many people, consensual sex can be a painful experience. Whether it’s during intercourse or afterwards when you are winding down, Hemp can help address the (painful) elephant in the room. Hemp has not only shown promise in reducing inflammation (a primary cause for pain during sex), but it’s also shown promise in tackling hard to treat pain. Another study in the European Journal of Pain found topical Hemp to help reduce swelling and manage pain. Hemp can be the difference between ouch and ooh.

7.) Reduce Anxiety

Part of what can make sex not so fun is the anxiety leading up to the performance. Often we worry about how we will perform, if we meet our partners needs, or struggle with making that first move. Hemp has shown strong promise in reducing anxiety, something that can help us overcome our inner-most worries, and fully engage in comfortably sensational sex. In the Remedy Review study, 66% of both male and female respondents said Hemp helped ease anxiety surrounding sex.

8.) Get in the Mood

Sometimes putting on Marvin Gaye just isn’t enough. From work-related stress, to the constant entropy of life, sometimes we just aren’t in the mood -- even for sex. Fear not, Hemp is here to help. Hemp has shown promise in enhancing mood, and has also shown promise as a potential treatment for multiple anxiety disorders. In a 2014 study, researchers found that Hemp showed promise as a potential treatment for depression, having a positive interaction with serotonin receptors in the brain. Hemp can help enhance mood, make you feel a little more frisky, and get you on that “Let’s get it on” level.


Hemp has a tried and true record of helping people engage in a more satisfying sex life. It’s shown great promise in reducing anxiety, enhancing mood, and in managing pain -- all factors that can make the difference with your sexual health. Aside from the helpful health factors, Hemp has also shown promise in increasing sensation, libido, and overall sex-drive. All things considered, Hemp makes a pretty compelling case for sexual wellness. There’s a first time for everything, and with After Dark Essentials, it might just turn into your new favorite pastime.

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